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A possum must be himself, and being himself he is honest.
		-- Walt Kelly


The name

gRustibus' name is a tribute to an arcade hall called Rustibus in the town where I grew up. This place introduced me and many of my friends to the arcade game culture, not to mention its world-class milkshakes :) When you first start gRustibus some of the biggest hits from this place are marked as favourites. The 'g' prefix is just your usual GNOME / GTK+ / GNU / gwhatever prefix.


The goal in creating gRustibus is to make a M.A.M.E frontend with all the features I have seen and enjoyed in other frontends, and maybe some others. It is loosely modelled after Arcade@Home for win32. Some feature highlights:


To compile and run gRustibus you need a few libs and programs. Since this is a GNOME program, you'll need GNOME (at least the libs). It was developed on a debian potato box running October GNOME. Older versions of GNOME may or may not work, I don't know. If your GNOME is older than 1.2, you'll need to get the gdk_pixbuf library seperatly (tested with versions 0.6.0 - 0.10.0) as well. For compiling you will need the headerfiles (dev packages) as well.

Last, but not least, you'll need xmame version >=0.36b15.2. The latest release as of this writing is 0.37b4, and this is known to work.

So far gRustubus is known to compile and run on the following systems:

If you get it to compile and run on other architectures (in theory it should work wherever GNOME and xmame works), please drop me a line, so that I can add your architecture to the list.

Known bugs in latest release

Please tell me if you find any bugs other than the ones listed here.

Things to do

There are a number of features I want to implement that are not yet done. Some of these are:

If you use gRustibus and you miss some feature, tell me, or even better - implement the feature and send a patch.

Join the team

All sorts of feedback is appreciated. You can send bug reports, wish lists, patches, translations, flames, praise etc. to me.


gRustibus is released under the Gnu General Public License. You can read the full license agreement here.

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